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Mido Multifort

Mido Multifort History

Founding of the Mido G. Schaeren & Co. AG watch factory in Solothurn by Georges Schaeren on 11 November 1918.

Launch of the "Mido Multifort", which was absolutely watertight, antimagnetic and impact resistant. One of the most important milestones in the brand name's history. The introduction of this watch provided the Mido brand with a totally new image which right up to the present day has served as a basis for the development of watches: clear, original design, very resistant and functional usage. To prove that the watch functioned perfectly under very extreme conditions, Mido had this model tested very thoroughly by the New York "Electrical Testing Laboratories Inc.". Underwater tests were conducted in freshwater and saltwater for over a thousand hours. The watches had to withstand ten cycles of 15 minutes of 50°C heat followed by –40°C cold. The
winding crown had to pass a test representing 34 years of use. Immersion tests to 13atm (120 m.) as well as altitude tests to 6600, 13 300 and 16 600 metres were simulated and Mido unfortunately had to record the only failures of the entire test procedure. One of the 6 watches tested ceased operating at 13 300 metres. This procedure was the official test of the American government.

The trailblazing new sealing system, assuring almost complete watertightness was the key to these superb results. It involved the use of specially treated natural cork which sealed the crown insert, the critical point of all wristwatches. Because it formed such a perfect join with the winding shaft, Mido was able to guarantee absolute watertightness even when the crown is pulled out.

Between 1934 and the present day, this unique system has proven itself excellently and protected valuable mechanisms from water. In 1959, this cork system was named "Aquadura".

Start of production of the Mido Multifort Automatic, the first watch available on the market combining all four modern advantages: self winding, watertight, antimagnetic and impact resistant.

Launch of the first indestructible winding springs for watches by Mido.

Birth of the "Mido Datometer" incorporating an additional hand to indicate the date. This year, for the first time ever, Mido used the Mido Robot as an ambassador and symbol of progress and robustness. The "Robi" is still a well-known feature today in many markets.

Invention of the "Powerwind" winding system – simplification in design from 16 to 7 parts. In addition to the simplified design, this movement also had a longer running reserve and was deemed to be one of the most easiest watches in the world to service and was also one of the least prone to faults.

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