Senin, 24 Mei 2010

Orient King Diver

Rado Captain Cook MKII

Rado Captain Cook is 220 meter diver watch.Would be released around 1965 - 1970's.

This watch has been marked with the name of Captain Cook. British explorer James Cook. He has done the expedition to the Pacific including hawaiian island. At year 1770 he voyage to discover Australia.Captain Cook was killed in the battle on February 14, 1779. 50 years old.

It's 220m Rado's diver,dress-watch look alike

Rado's mark will rotate and revolve. Rado mark rotating patents. The case back "symbol pat" number had been engraved. A red circle marks the "sun", the arrow is "time" shows.

The crown at 3 o'clock to rotate the rotating ring.The crown at 4 o'clock to adjusts time no quick set date.

Back case (lock system)

Using AS Cal.1858 18,000 / sec

Rabu, 19 Mei 2010


Titus Calypsomatic Diver Circa'60

Diameter 38mm, thickness 12mm
21 jewel movement, eta 2472 without stop second
bezel diving inverted scale.

About Titus
Solvil & Titus brand created by Paul Ditisheim. Paul Ditisheim family Ditisheim (Vulcan). The brand manufactured and sometimes its badge hits Titus. Solvil & Titus is now STELUXE Group of Hong Kong.

Calypsomatic About:
The Calypsomatic as manufactured in 2 models, male & female. The male model had several versions:
- Horns breakthroughs, full horns.
- Needles "Lolipop" , Needles "Mercedes."
- Date window, cash + day date window.
- Date black ,Date disc-color (red and blue)
- Diving bezel, bezel graduated to reverse
- Black bezel, steel bezel,
- Crown neutral crown Titus

A little complicated Calypsomatic Titus,it's a poorman Rolex Submariner 5508's.


1982 Citizen Ana/Digi Temp Watch (my weekend warrior)

The world's first watch with a temperature sensor.It is a tiny men's watch by today's standards.The case is only 31mm wide by 4-5mm thick. But back in the 1980s the name of the game was to cram as many functions into the movement in the smallest/thinniest form factor case. (enjoy the pic)

Rare mint vintage Citizen Watch 30-5031 THEMP, this is the early edition citizen ana-digi temp watch and it's made in japan.

Electronic Temperature Watch

Quartz Movement (cal 8980 movt)
Stainless Steel Case
Temperature Sensor
Water Resist
Hardlex Crystal
Citizen Stainless Steel Bracelet
Size Of Case: 31mm Width

Selasa, 11 Mei 2010

Diamond Cartier

For Sale:

Must de Cartier Diamond

This is an authentic Swiss-made MUST de CARTIER Vermeil Quartz watch (Swiss-made CARTIER 9 jewels quartz movement) with diamond encrusted lugs and Diamond all over bezel.

Has authentic DIAMOND-encrusted Outer bezel,Inner bezel and lugs. These are real diamonds - not Russian diamonds - not cubic Zirconia gems
I repeat, they are real diamonds!

This Watch covered with :
- 34 pcs larger diamond at outer bezel
- 08 pcs larger diamond at lugs
- 36 pcs Smaller diamond at inner bezel

* Vermeil 18k (gold on silver) case back is embossed with CARTIER name logo, "PARIS", "925" (silver), "QUARTZ", "ARGENT", "PLAQUE OR G 20M", "SWISS MADE" & Serial numbers.

* CARTIER CABOCHON crown, the base is gold-filled & topped with a blue gemstone.

* Has gold-filled hands.

* Gold MUST de CARTIER name logo is at 12 o'clock.

* Gold CARTIER symbol logo & "SWISS" are at 6 o'clock.

*10M gold CARTIER Original Bracelet.

*Elegant Black Dial with clear Sapphier glass.

Open for : S.O.L.D

(mind you,it's a real diamond watch with solid silver and 18k gold)
it's rarer than the known Rolex.
Just call or sms me for your best price.

Check this site,to find your Cartier watch.

Selasa, 04 Mei 2010

Rolex Datejust Allgold
(jam kondangan)

Allgold 18k w/ president bracelet
Mint textured gold dial
first edition rolex sapphire crystal
All original.

Senin, 03 Mei 2010

Seiko 6139 a.k.a Seiko Jengkol

Movement number: 6139
Serial number: 233842
Production date: Mar, 1972


Rolex Ladies Orchid (SOLD)

Solid all gold 18k
manual wind movt.
excelent condition
mint case & dial
w/o bracelet
For Sale : Sold